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Why us?

We are Europe's largest company that sells used Japanese compact tractors. The company has been on the market since 2010, continuously developing ever since. The company sells tractors as well as equipment to many European countries.

  • Practically speaking, our stock is always full of the equipment displayed in the shop, and the number of tractors available is always around 400.
  • Each tractor can be configured with any equipment, including the attachment of a front loader or snow plough. You can be certain of our flexibility regarding the adjustment to individual customer needs so that we are able to advise the customer and complete the purchase order, even by modifying a standard design.
  • As the only entity on the market, we have a heavy-duty area where you can test the tractor and its implements before purchase and learn about the advantages at our disposal.
  • With many years of contacts in Japan, we are able to provide constant access to genuine parts.
  • In addition to sales, the company offers servicing that, in the opinion of our customers, is at the highest level in Poland with regard to the Japanese tractor sector.
  • We provide our own transport within the territory of Poland and Europe.
  • Each tractor and equipment is covered by a 12-month warranty.
  • Each compact tractor undergoes a thorough pre-sale inspection, which results in a long service life of the compact tractor without any financial contribution.
  • The purchase may be in instalments by leasing or in cash.

We look forward to cooperation with both retail and wholesale customers. 100% satisfaction with the purchase from TRAKTOMIX is guaranteed.

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