rotary cultivator IGN 150 GEOGRASS

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The IGN series rotary cultivator is equipped with very massive sidewise curved tines that mix the soil very thoroughly. In this way, the cultivated soil becomes a good base for the sowed seeds. It also works very well when old turf must be destroyed.


  • Tillage in small gardens next to houses as well as in larger field areas.
  • In horticulture for starting lawns or vegetable growing.
  • In horticulture and vine growing for weed control in rows.


Technical data:

  • Driven by the PTO shaft mounted to the tractor, 540 rpm.
  • Equipped with intersecting axis gear.
  • The working elements are tines mounted as 6 pieces on one section, whereas the edge sections have 3 tines, in total 42 pieces.
  • Power transmission to the working shaft through a chain equipped with a tensioner.
  • Working width – 150 cm.
  • Overall width – 173 cm.
  • Mass – 294 kg.
  • Recommended tractor power – 25 to 50 hp.