Stone burier SB 165 GEOGRASS

  • Manufacturer: GEOGRASS
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The SB model tillage unit combines all the elements that can be used to prepare soil for sowing. It is a combination of a very active rotary cultivator with a stone separator and a mesh roller that completely levels the cultivation area.

Principle of operation:

The rotary cultivator, which is driven by the power take-off shaft of the tractor, processes soil very thoroughly. There are rods separating stones right behind the rotary cultivator. The rotary cultivator rotates in the opposite direction to the tractor, and as such it throws stones onto the upper part of the rods so that they slide to the bottom of the cultivation. The last element of the unit is a mesh roller that completely levels the area of cultivation. In this way, the cultivation is very well loosened, and the area is even and free of stones.


  • Starting lawns, the area is ready for sowing after one passage in the turf.
  • Preparing the cultivation in horticulture or in field farming.


  • Savings on time and money
  • Availability of parts
  • Equipment that is perfect for starting a new lawn

 Technical data:

  • Working width – 165 cm
  • Overall width – 175 cm
  • Mass – 338 kg
  • Recommended tractor power – 28 hp
  • PTO speed – 540 (rpm)
  • Number of blades – 32
  • Gearbox type – standard