Excavator BHM175

  • Manufacturer: TRX
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Excavator with dedicated hydraulic pump mounted on the three-point hitch of the tractor, BHM model.
Very robust excavator driven by the tractor power take-off shaft. It is equipped with a dedicated hydraulic pump that supplies the entire hydraulic system of the excavator. This excavator model is a very good offer for horticultural companies, which have their own tractors. The excavator is fully functional, highly efficient and made of steel of the right quality to ensure long-term and trouble-free operation.


  • All horticultural work that consists of excavation (irrigation, planting).
  • Construction earthwork.


 Technical data:

  • Attached to the three-point hitch on the tractor (Category 1).
  • Driven by the tractor’s PTO shaft – 540 rpm.
  • Stable hydraulic pump in the excavator.
  • Available interchangeable bucket: 40 cm, 65 cm.
  • Mass – 552 kg.
  • Bucket width – 30 cm.


  • Loading Height cm(A) - 237 cm
  • Digging Depth cm(B) - 175 cm
  • Max. Height cm(c) - 312 cm
  • Digging Width cm(D) - 260 cm
  • Swing Angle - 180 ˚