Excavator BHMS95 + shifting

  • Manufacturer: TRX
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Excavator with dedicated hydraulic pump mounted on the three-point hitch of the tractor, BHMS model.

Very robust excavator driven by the tractor power take-off shaft. It is equipped with a dedicated hydraulic pump that supplies the entire hydraulic system of the excavator. This model features an additional function for changing the position of the working arm so that the excavator can dig trenches just next to fences and building walls (the support arms are pulled down and not folded out to avoid the distance from the excavation line). This excavator model is a very good offer for horticultural companies, which have their own tractors. The excavator is fully functional, highly efficient and made of steel of the right quality to ensure long-term and trouble-free operation.


  • All horticultural work that consists of excavation (irrigation, planting).
  • Construction earthwork.


 Technical data:

  • Attached to the three-point hitch on the tractor (Category 1).
  • Driven by the tractor’s PTO shaft – 540 rpm.
  • Stable hydraulic pump in the excavator.
  • Available interchangeable bucket: 40 cm, 60 cm.
  • Mass – 270 kg.
  • Bucket width – 29 cm.


  • Loading Height cm(A) - 169 cm
  • Digging Depth cm(B) - 95 cm
  • Max. Height cm(c) - 228 cm
  • Digging Width cm(D) - 244 cm
  • Swing Angle - 180 ˚